2010 - THE BIG ONE


R3D files transferred to HD video
Credits: camera – Sal Kronenberg, music – Job Chajes, production – Nan Reunis, concept, set design, direction, edit – Gabriel Lester

Duration: 12:36

The film follows the logic of a narrative drama, but without proposing an explicit plot or distinctly identified characters. The movie depicts the grand spectacle of a lottery drawing, in which a group of people partakes in a ritual meant to tempt fate. The mysterious characters proceed through the various stages of the ceremony, as both spectators and participants observe and imagine destiny unfolding. Underscoring both the human desire for change, fortune and (cosmic) justice, as well as the gaze inward and a degree of self-realization, the characters in the film seem to undergo an inner search, looking for what they imagine would happen should life take a sudden turn.